Users Guide to Bid On My Job

Bid On My Job User Guide

Problems that Bid On My Job Solves:

Okay, so you need to get something fixed in your house, you have a remodeling idea, or you want some cleaning to get done. How do you go about about finding someone to do it?  You would most likely investigate, research, hunt down, track down, and call or e-mail several different companies comparing prices (yellow pages & google).

  1. You gotta do this during the day. Anyone else busy during the day? Anybody else go 3-4 days and every evening on the drive home say “Dang it, I forgot to call XYZ company to schedule that or get a quote”.
  2. This process of trying to get quotes takes forever and its not easy to compare apples to apples when you get quotes over the phone.
  3. At the end of the day, you are left wondering if you really got the best price since there are probably more businesses in your area that you didn’t get a chance to talk to!

How we Solve It:

Bid On My Job, connects consumers and business in a more efficient manner. We have built a community marketplace where consumers and local business can connect to purchase and provide services.  You post a job one time and in minutes Bid On My Job alerts all the contractors/service providers in your area. Before we get into the weeds on how it works, lets get some definitions out of the way:

  • Job Poster: A Job Poster is someone who needs work done. A Job Poster posts a job and is looking for Bid‘s from Job Bidders.
  • Job Bidder: A Job Bidder is a local contractor or service provider who submits Bids (quotes) on a specific job to a Job Poster
  • Bid: A Bid is a quote and/or statement of work that a Job Bidder submits to a Job Poster on a specific job.
  • Categories: Service industries are divided into different Categories. Each job is assigned a specific Category. Job Bidders sign up to get alerted on certain Categories. Bid On My Job supports any and all service industries. If you don’t see your Job’s industry, e-mail and we will get it added.
  • Job Form: A Job Form is an easy to use template that Job Posters fill out to provide details to Job Bidders about what the job is. The Job Form includes the Category of the Job, the timeframe in which you want the job completed, a description of the scope of work you want done, and any pictures or documents you want to provide the Job Bidder to help them compose a Bid.
  • Poster Dashboard: This is the main control panel for Job Posters to manage and control their open and historical jobs and any associated Bid’s.

Now that we have the definitions out of the way here is how it works.

  1. Create a Free Bid On My Job Account Here:
  2. In the top right hand corner of the Poster Dashboard, click “POST A NEW JOB” which will take you to the Job Form.
  3. Fill our the Job Form and click Save
  4. You can optionally share your jobs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+ to take advantage of your social networks “Hey, I know someone who can work on that!”  feature!
  5. Sit back and wait for your Bid‘s to come in. Bid On My Job will alert Job Bidders in your area via SMS and email.
  6. Select and award a Bid from a Job Bidder.
  7. Wait for the work to be completed and leave a review!

Well, that’s about it. Using Bid On My Job is simple, fast, and free. Look out for more advanced tips and tricks in later installments of the Bid On My Job blog!