Introducing Subscription Services is a simple, easy-to-use website that connects you with local, trusted professionals. We’re all about making it easy to find and hire good work.


So far, so good. We’ve gathered a force of nearly 500 skilled professional profiles on our website, and everyday we’re seeing more opportunities available for those individuals to find and bid upon. Our little BidOnMyJob marketplace has been featured at 1 Million Cups in Des Moines and on Silicon Prairie News, the tech startup blog covering the latest innovations in our region.


Our steady growth comes hand-in-hand with our newest announcement: the launch of the BidOnMyJob membership program. This annual membership will give local professionals the framework they need to advertise their skills and experience on our website. The goal of the program is to make our rock-star professionals even more notorious – that means more eyes on their profiles, more action in their resumes, and more jobs in the pipeline.


Logistically, proceeds from the membership “dues” will go towards expanding our advertising budget. More advertising leads to more job opportunities posted and more signed-and-sealed deals for our customers at the end of the day. So, what say you? Can we count on your membership? membership costs $200/yr (about $16/month) and provides every contractor with the resources and key functionality necessary to “get the job done.”


No Price Haggling: No percentages, hidden fees or any other gotchya’s. As a rule, we never skim off the top – it’s your work, these are your customers.


Business Documents: Send necessary documentation with your bid to potential customers. We keep it simple by bundling the essentials and shaving off the excess. License? Check. Insurance? Check. Stress? Uncheck.


Job Notifications: Hey, someone posted a job you might like! We’ll always keep you in the loop about new opportunities. Whether you’d prefer to receive text message notifications, e-mails, or nothing at all – we’ll accommodate your needs first.


Advertisements: We’ll help you get discovered by showing off your public profile to potential customers on our webpage – especially for those jobs that align closely with your interests.


Are you a contractor looking for work? Go pro. Register for an account today on and let us help you find more opportunities, more easily.