Cleaning Your Kitchen Drain

drainYou use your kitchen sink to wash & clean, so the drain should stay squeaky clean too, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay as clean as you may think. You may have noticed this yourself by way of your nose. Have you ever smelled a less than pleasant odor coming from your sink? By using the following maintenance tips, you can keep your drains clean and¬† even prevent clogs.

Hot water is very effective at killing bacteria that may be living in your drain. Flushing your drain with hot tap water after using your kitchen sink will help rid it of debris as well as kill any standing bacteria.

If you notice an unpleasant smell even after regular rinsing, you can also take these few extra steps. Begin by running hot water water through your pipes again. If your tap water is not hot enough to steam, it is best to heat water to boiling and pour it down the drain. Then, add about a tablespoon of baking soda to the drain and rinse with hot water again.¬†Baking soda is excellent at eliminating odors, but if you still have a stubborn smell that doesn’t to go away, you can try pouring one cup of vinegar or lemon juice down the drain. After it has had a chance to sit for a half hour, rinse it out with hot water to flush away odor and any minor backups.

You should never dispose of grease down your drain as it can cause build-up and blockages. However, even if you dispose of grease properly, some will still find its way down your sink one way or another. You can be on the offense against grease build-up by pouring strong salt water down the kitchen sink drain regularly.

If you can’t get your drain clean with one of these natural solutions, you may want to consider buying a drain cleaning solution. Be sure to check for suitability with your drain pipes (plastic or metal) and/or garbage disposal. And, as always, follow the directions carefully.

If you encounter anything beyond regular cleaning or simple unclogging of your drains, you should contact a licensed plumber. As always, you can post your plumbing job at Bid On My Job for free!