Spring Yard Maintenance Tips

Winter is almost over and your grass has been hibernating for some time. It’s time to start planning and executing on some simple tasks to give your yard a fighting chance this year!

The first thing you need to do when spring arrives is rake. Raking eliminates the matted patches created by snow compact over the winter, which a lot of times leads to grass molding, and it removes large portions of thatch. Thatch is one of the primary inhibitors to getting your yard looking good and mold can outright destroy your lawn! The thatch is the dead material just under your grass line.  Thatch levels should be under a half of an inch. Anything over half an inch can prevent your yard from reaching its full growth potential.  Most people overlook this vital piece of yard maintenance because it’s not a fun or easy tasks to complete . You have a couple different options to complete this task. You can rake by hand, rent a de-thatcher, or have a qualified lawn care professional take care of it for you.

Snow Mold

After you rake your yard, you will want to aerate if you feel you have excessive compaction (you identify your yard is really hard to walk on). Aerating softens your lawn and lets the water absorb much more efficiently (really important this year as we are in a drought still)! Aerating also helps with new seeding/over-seeding applications you may want to apply. Also softer ground means grass roots will expand easier, creating thicker fuller looking lawn. Again, you have a couple different options here. You can rent an aerator and do it yourself (don’t damage your sprinkler system) or hire a qualified lawn care professional.

Lawn Aeration

Next its time to consider patching those dead spots. This would be a good time to seed or sod any areas that have been damaged over the winter months. Damages could be from animals, shoveling snow, excessive deicing chemicals, or even grass mold. The best time to over seed is fall when the new seeds don’t have to compete with weeds and crab grass but its still okay to apply seed at this stage in the game.

Finally you need to consider giving your lawn some food! Its really important to provide you lawn with some fertilizer. You have different possibilities when it comes to fertilizer. Some people like to go all natural with animal waste and other all natural products while others use chemical treatments applied throughout the seasons. Most lawn care specialists have 4, 5, and 6 step treatments available. The best program will be dependent on the current state of your lawn.

Just like everything else in your home, your lawn requires some TLC from time to time. Set your lawn up for success early this year and enjoy walking in your yard without shoes this summer!

As always, there are several lawn care specialists standing by on Bid On My Job to answer any lawn care related questions you may have or provide you with a quote.

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