How Pintrest + Taxes + Bid On My Job = Three steps to affordably revitalize your house

As you may have heard the Des Moines Home and Garden show is in full swing this weekend at the Iowa Events Center.  Many of us will head out this year and find many things we would like to have! Let’s face it; there are some pretty cool exhibits there. Truth of the matter is–most of us can’t afford some of that stuff. Sometimes it can be bitter sweet to attend these shows.

Well, this year there are more options at your fingertips to get you something close to what you want, for a much lower price tag.  With the advent of sites like Pintrest, there are a lot pictures and ideas (a lot is an understatement) floating around, detailing some beautiful home decor projects, that were completed using limited resources.  A lot of these pictures can provide inspiration and a different approach to making some changes around your house to give it that new and revitalized look and feel.


1. Take some time to peruse Bid On My Job’s Pintrest site and start gathering some ideas!

While it’s true there are still price tags associated with these alternative projects, they could be much more affordable. On the topic of price, right now is a great time to think about and start gathering quotes for projects you are thinking about. Remember, most contractors will provide you no obligation quotes and consultations.  The best approach is to get several quotes for your project. Large organizations sometimes receive dozens of quotes for projects they have open for bids. This competitive bidding process allows them to receive the product they desire at the cheapest possible price. This is where Bid On My Job comes in. Bid On My Job’s goal is to provide the average consumer (the home owner) with a competitive bidding tool.  Once you have been inspired and have a project in mind its time to post your job and start gathering no obligation quotes. 




2. Register as a Job Poster on Bid On My Job ( and post your job

Finally, we get to the crutch of the matter. Where do I get the money to pay for this project? Well once your bids start coming in on Bid On My Job, you will have an idea of how much it’s going to cost. The good news is that it’s tax season. You can always apply some of that return to your project. If that’s not enough, you can always open a Dwolla ( account to start saving a little bit each month. Dwolla allows you to setup reoccurring deposits into your account each month. You can always “seed” your Dwolla account with all or a portion of your tax return and continue to contribute to the account until you have enough to complete your project.  When you are ready to complete the project you can always award the bid on Bid On My Job or post another job if your project ideas have changed.





3. Use that tax return to pay for or seed your project fund!

We all can admit that the last 3 years have been financially tuff! Each of us has held back and refrained from completing projects and fulfilling that wish list and “honey-do list”. Well this year is different, this year we can still remain financially responsible while simultaneously rewarding ourselves. This year we can “Pin It”, “Post It”, and “Complete it”.

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