Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair

Appliances, we all have them and most likely have had to replace at least one in last 5 years. The United States spends an estimated 15 billion dollars yearly on appliances. We replace these units for multiple reasons. Most commonly because it has stopped working.


When a unit stops working most people just assume that a unit is damaged beyond repair or they assume it will be too costly to have someone come out and repair the unit. When in all actuality the average unit repair cost is $260. Although some replacement units are near that amount others are much more than that. This amount is an estimate which mean sometimes that cost could be substantially less. Take a recent Bidonmyjob poster for example. His dryer stopped heating a week after Christmas. No one wants to go out a week after Christmas and buy a new dryer. So he called upon He found someone to come take a look and tell him if it was something that could be repaired. And in fact it could be. In the end it ended up costing him a little over $100 for labor and parts.

As a consumer we don’t ever want to replace or repair an appliance. We want it to work correctly forever. But since we all know this will never happen, the next time you have an appliance break don’t go out and buy a new one save some money and go to where we have appliance specialists waiting to work for you.

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