February Home Maintenance Tips

Well things are starting to thaw out a little. Though we can’t rule out another round of snow for the mid-west. In either case, its time to start thinking about your home and getting it ready for the spring and summer. Here are some tasks to complete inside your home this month:

1. Clean out your gutters

Cleaning out gutters is one of the most crucial yet overlooked home maintenance item. Most of the time we never think about them and underestimate their importance to the home. To put it bluntly, water causes damage to homes. Gutters and downspouts are in place for one purpose — to get the water safely away from your house. Gutters that are full of debris and clog downspouts render these home protection items useless. While there are several reasons to have them cleaned, the two most notable are:


                  * Damage to landscaping around the house

                  * Wood rot to doorways, garage doors, decks, and siding

Another important reason to clean your gutters that most people don’t think about is mosquito infestation  Mosquito’s love and tend to thrive in stagnant water. A simple task you can perform to help keep mosquito’s off you while you are relaxing in your yard or deck this spring/summer is to clean those gutters.

Cleaning your gutters can be simple but also very dangerous. While you can do it yourself, you need to make sure you are utilizing proper safety procedures and tools. Hiring a Bid On My Job service professional to clean your gutters is very affordable and entails much less risk.

2. Take advantage of the thawing and spring rain to make sure there are no water leaks. 


Water damage starts out small and is hard to detect but will continue to cause damage and can be very costly in the long run. In addition, untreated water leaks can lead to mold accumulation which can be hazardous to your health. Grab your self a pen and paper (or smart phone/tablet with a dictation device) and take notes as you scrutinize ceilings,  roofs, windows, sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. Don’t forget to grab a flashlight and check your attic, crawl spaces, and basements (Tip: most smartphones have flashlight apps to help you see in dark places!).

When you find something, fixing it will depend on the issues size and severity. You may be able to make a stop at your local hardware shop and get some caulking, or you might need to enlist the services of one of Bid On Job’s industry specialists.

3. Flush your hot water heater

water heater

Overtime sediment tends to build up on (and in) water heaters. In small amounts this sediment does not present any operational issues, however in medium to large amounts it can affect how efficient your water heater is at heater water, and worse it can prevent your drain valve from operating properly. To make sure your water heater is operating optimally and to prevent any serous water damage to your home you should flush your water occasionally.

Depending on your comfort level, this is something you can do yourself (there are several online guides to help you. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this tasks there are several qualified plumbers on Bid On My Job standing by to provide you with a quote.


While these aren’t the only home maintenance items to address in the month of February, its a good place to start. If you have any questions or other ideas/tips you want to share, feel free to ask/leave them in the comments section below. I’m sure one of Bid On My Job’s contractors will chime in and answer your questions.